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Everybody knows the best product for silencing squeaks, displacing moisture, preventing rust, and loosening stuck parts. Did you know that it has many more uses as well? We hope to educate you trough our site on other uses that will save you countless hours and help you prevent rust, help your products last longer and final stop those pesky squeaks. We will have a blog soon with great tips to help make life easier as well. Please feel free to email us at: with your tips and we will be happy to add them to our site awhile.

Your #1 Stop for tips on stoping squeaks starts here. Thank you for the initial response. We have received positve feedback and we want to thank you for this and the tips that you are providing us for other members!

Examples include: How to stop a tennis shoe (sneaker) from squeaking, how to fix a squeaky suspension to door hinges, etc.

How to stop a squeaky sneaker...

Step 1: remove the insole from the shoe and place to the side.

Step 2: spray lubricant product on the problem area, not much is needed.

Step 3: replace the insole and your set!


Top 10 Tips to StopsSqueaks:

Easy tips that you can take to stop squeaks for floors, cars, household items, and everything else! More Information

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